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Our History

Helen, Paul, Scott and Robert M. in the late 1970's

Robert M. Matheson grew up on his families farm North of Embro.  In 1965 he purchased the farm across the road from where he grew up.  Initially on the new farm, he housed young cattle for the herd across the road.  in 1968, he married Helen McKay.  

In 1969, the first sows moved onto the farm.  The first sow Bob owned came from the high school where Bob attended in St Marys as they were winding down the agriculture program there.  1972 brought on a new endeavor when a retiring dealer approached Bob about taking over his Northrup King Seeds dealership. 

In 1974 Bob and Helen had their first child, Paul.  In 1976, Scott was born, and Ian followed in 1984.

1978 brought the first expansion of the farm, a new barn was built to house 100 sows and the nursery pigs as well.  Bob and Helen registered the business in 1979 as R.M. Matheson Farms Limited.  Bob bought his first combine in the early 1980's, a Ford 642 combine he harvested his own crops with.

The 1990's brought times of change.  More land was purchased, and a large expansion of the swine herd was completed in 1998, when a new 400 sow barn was built on the home farm when Scott returned from the diploma program at the University of Guelph.  In 1997, a group of Ontario pork producers banded together and had the dream of owning their own packing plant to guarantee spaces for all their hogs shipped.  R.M. Matheson Farms is an original member of Progressive Pork Producers Co-Operative which owns todays Conestoga Meat Packers, one of the main players in the Ontario packing industry.  

In 2004, Ian returned from the University of Guelph, and another 400 sow farrow to finish facility was built on a farm on the 29th line, which is now known as the Townline Farm.  Scott and Ian each took joint ownership of the business when they turned 25 and remain partners today.  

The late 2000's and early 2010's were very difficult times to be in the swine industry in Canada.  Over-production, and new diseases entered the landscape, causing some very tough years for hog poducers. By the mid 2010's the dust had settled with some producers exiting the industry and supply and demand of hogs balancing better.  

A partnership with Aaroc Aggregates was started in 2012 when Aaroc took over operating our two aggregate licenses.

In 2019, the opportunity to purchase the farm where Bob grew up presented itself. The farm came with a new challenge, an ongoing dairy herd.  Less than a year after starting with the cows, the decision was made to build a new facility which has cemented a long-term commitment to the industry.  

Sadly, in March of 2020, Bob passed away after a battle with cancer.

Today, the farm is operated by Scott and Ian Matheson.  Scotts two children, Declan and Alex help out after school and weekends.  Ians wife, Carley takes care of the dairy herd and also does seed sales.  Ian and Carley have one daughter, Vivian. Helen is still very active in the business taking care of some of the administrative duties.  Our team of dedicated valued employees is key to be able to do what we do on a day in day out basis.

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